All-in-One SEO Analysis & Marketing Software

We bring down silos by using the data cross feature wise. Yearbase is a full-featured SEO analysis solution for keyword research, web analytics, competition analysis, web page optimization, ranking checks, audits, uptime monitoring and a lot more.


  • Keyword Groups (Clusters)
  • Keyword Research (Find keywords)
  • Keyword Lists
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Daily Ranking
  • Daily SERP check

Website Audit

  • Technical Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Readability
  • Security

Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Ranking
  • Competitor Keywords
  • Rising Competitors
  • Monthly Updates

Google Analytics Data

  • Pages
  • Channels
  • Segments
  • Page Category Analysis
  • Share of Content
  • Profit Index

Uptime Monitor

Monitor all your important URLs, hourly.

Machine Learning & AI

We use state of the art technology to enhance the analysis and understanding of the data provided from an SEO tool like Yearbase.

In-Page Localisation of Broken Links

Yearbase will also notify you where on the page you have broken links. If need be, you can also see the HTML source view and see the same highlight of broken links.

Project Grouping

Group projects into a specified group.

Readability Analysis

We use 4 different algorithms for assessing the readability of a website, including the known Flesch-Kincaid.

Control Limit Analysis

Use the control limit lines to identify outliers on seasonal keywords and trends.

Automatic Keyword Grouping

Yearbase is packed with machine learning and artificial intelligence and keyword groupings is one of them. We use an advanced algorithm to gather keywords that belong, in order to give you even more possibilities to rank higher.

Data Table Formatting

Use conditional formatting on tables, as you are already acquainted with from Excel.

And a whole lot more.

Not only do we have a lot of features in our current version, but we have a roadmap that strecthes far ahead.

Campaign Builder

We are including a campaign builder into Yearbase. Not only is it alike Google Analytics’ own builder, but we have added some extra fields and time periodization to it.

Campaigns will also then be included in the graphs and trends, so you can immediately identify where and when you have had campaigns.

You will have a lot more control on the marketing campaigns you run.

Trello/Slack/Google docs integration

All exports, findings and analysis’ will be available in Trello, Slack and Google docs for export.

Exporting data to these platform ss for many very necessary.

Report Builder

Every tool should have a great report builder. In our launch version, we have a standard reporting, but we are building a report builder, so you can build reports with any data you want.

Google Analytics Segment Analysis

Any digital analyst knows the importance of segmentation. We are combining it with machine learning and artificial intelligence that runs analysis on all your available segments, in addition to some custom ones we have developed.

White label

Not only will we support white label, but we will include external users that can have specific access to specific data and areas.

Google Ads (Adwords) Analysis

We are building an analysis function for Google Ads, which contains machine learning and artificial intelligence that will work to enhance your paid search campaigns.

Partner Program

Great tools have great partners. We are building an entire platform for partnerships. Partners will have access to beta functions, better prices and extensive documentation. We will also start educational programs for our partners.

Text analytics

We are also building a text analysis feature that will analyze and check for grammatical errors, semantic enhancements etc. Do not mistake this for readability, which is already included in the launch version.

Web Accessibility

We are building feature to ensure ADA compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards and Section 508 Accessibility Program.

This analysis feature will ensure that your website follows all suggested standards and reduces issues that may hinder accessibility or result in a violation risk for your organization.

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